Special finishes

Special finishes are products that, mainly, are included in the textile finishing process and improve the physical conditions of the fabrics. Additionally, some of them have benefits for the skin such as vitamins and scents.


Each of these finishes are developed and included in the textiles according to the request of our customers.



Created to prevent the reproduction of the Staphylococcus aureus bacteria. It can be used on any garment.



Gives a protective layer that creates on the textile a finish that prevents the liquids and fluids penetrate the fibers and coming into direct contact with the skin.


Fast drying

Accelerates the transport and evaporation of moisture, therefore the garments do not get impregnated with sweat. It is ideal for sports or control garments.


Chlorine- resistant

This finish protects the fibers and the color of the textiles, allowing greater exposure to chlorinated and sea water. Its main use is in the Swimwear / Beachwear segment.



These finishes are activated when they come into contact with body heat and allow the inclusion of skin benefits such as Aloe Vera or special scents for greater differentiation.