How do we do it?

All our products go through 5 or 6 major production processes. Each one of them is full of technicalities and controls, but today we want to tell you in an easy and simple way how we work:


Presenting 4 collections with more than 600 new designs a year requires a great effort and global influence, which is why we have designers around the world and a great local human team that is in charge of carrying out each new development.



From the design we identify the yarns of each reference and these are conditioned in one of our plants to later reach the Knitting plant. Every new design and fabric materializes there.



Once Knitted, our references go to the dyeing and finishing plant where the colors of each client are brought to life and the different special finishes that we handle are given.


The Laboratories and Quality area plays a very important role, since it is thanks to them that we are able to meet the high standards of the most demanding clients on a global level and achieve all our certifications.



Finally, our references arrive to the cutting department where each centimeter of lace is reviewed in detail; and silicone is added as well for our laces that are applied in shapewear garments.



The most recent process in our production line is 100% water-free printing. With this we can customize not only fabrics, but also lace to achieve a greater distinction of the garments.

Thanks to whom?

Human talent is our most important asset. Our operation is only possible thanks to the great human team that is behind each process, and that feels as its own each of the achievements that we achieve as an organization.

The experience, knowledge and teamwork of each collaborator strengthens us as a company and allows us to continue growing and consolidating our portfolio.