About us

We are the largest exporter of laces in Colombia and the company with the broadest global portfolio of designs and technologies, combining the tradition of the sector with technology and continuous innovation.

We are certified suppliers of the world’s great corsetry brands and thanks to the acquisition of new technologies we have ventured into the Shapewear, Sportfit and Swimwear segments.

•We export to more than 50 countries.
•We have commercial representation in the 5 continents
•Our commercial alliances in Brazil and Asia allow us to be more competitive and reach the most remote markets.

Our history

About us

For more than 40 years we have accompanied and promoted the positioning of the Colombian textile industry as one of the best in quality and innovation at a global level.


Family business

Founded in 1978 by Mr. Marco Bibas, and focused on the decoration and home segment, the company has always been at the forefront of technology and new developments.


Global Consolidation

Around the 1990s, his son Leon Bibas developed the stretch lace product line and set out to consolidate ENCAJES as one of the largest suppliers of stretch lace globally.


For years the company’s mission has been technological development and differentiation. Today, the elastic lace line has more than 10 technologies that provide design, sophistication, exclusivity and comfort.



Around 2013 we developed a Powernet fabric that allowed us to complement the product offering and take the first step to position ourselves as one of the main suppliers for the shapewear brands.


Circular Knits

With the impetus of the Powernet fabric, we began the development of new fabrics and presented a portfolio that includes circular fabrics in Nylon and polyester, and Non-Spacer/3D fabrics ideal for the Sports and Swimwear segment.