For more than 40 years we have accompanied and promoted the positioning of the Colombian textile industry as one of the best in quality and innovation  worldwide.


We are one of the largest suppliers of elastic lace of the biggest global underwear brands and currently have sales representatives in 21 countries worldwide.



We are recognized for our commitment to technology. We are the textile company with the largest number of technologies available for knitted lace and all overs.

Special Technologies

We have more than 10 technologies to knit laces and allovers. Work with recycled and certified yarns; Include 3D textiles within our portfolio; Develop special finishes for our textiles; Our Laboratories are internationally recognized and certified; we work with Silicone of the latest technology and is certified with antibacterial properties; We work with 100% water-free printing.


Every 6 months with the launch of our collections, we develop and present our trend book. A book that provides an update on changes in consumer behavior, color palette, graphics and silhouettes.


We have obtained global certifications that support and confirm our commitment to the environment. Each one of them is the result of the hard work of our work team.